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MyUniCloud’s General FAQ’s for students and instructors:

Welcome to our frequently asked questions area. Here we will try and answer your most common queries about MyUniCloud.

For Users

What Do I Need To Sign Up With MyUniCloud ?

1. Go to: http://myunicloud.com/register/

2. Enter username (required), email address (required), password (required), name (required), location and personal details.

3. Click Complete Sign Up.

4. An activation email has been sent to your email address.

5. Click Activation Link.

Which browsers Do you support ?

Our platform is tested and supported on the Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer.

Does MyUniCloud work on mobile devices?

Yes, MyUniCloud is consumable on any modern browser, including mobile devices and iOS.

Do I have to download any softwares ?

No! There is no software to download. You can build, deliver and track training from anywhere as long you have the internet connection.

May I download the courses ?

Yes! You may download any content that the instructor have allowed for download.

What if I lost my password ?

If you lost your password, you can recover it by clicking the following link: http://myunicloud.com/wp-login.php?action=lostpassword

How Do I contact the team at MyUniCloud ?

If you have any further questions, you can send an email to: founders@MyMobileUni.com

For Instructors

May I teach any topic ?

Yes, you can teach any topic you like academic, professional, lifestyle or hobby.

How Do I create a lesson ?

Login to the platform.

Click Courses menu then click on ‘Create a Course’ button.

How easy is it to use MyUniCloud ?

You will be able to create your courses within minutes Get started by clicking ‘Create a Course’ from inside the platform, and let us know how you go!

How many courses may I create on MyUniCloud ?

Our platform allows you to create and provide unlimited number of courses.

May I build online quizzes on MyUniCloud ?

Absolutely. MyUniCloud currently offers multiple type of questions such as; multiple choice, multiple correct, true or false, dropdown select, text, sort answers, match answers and fill in the blank. It also allows you to choose either manual or automatic evaluation.

May I track the progress of students in every course I manage on MyUniCloud ?

MyUniCloud allows you to track every student’s performance and course progress.

May I host my programs under my own domain ?

We can modify the subdomain (as well as add your logo) to suit your own branding of choice. For example change http://www.myunicloud.com to http://organization.myunicloud.com

Are there limits to the number of students that may access my programs ?

No there are no limits to the number of courses you cmay reate or the number of students who may enrol. Our platform is highly scalable meaning we can support many concurrent students.

How long do contracts last ?

Minimum contract term is 1 year.