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    There are many top reasons to choose Asia as a destination when intending to study abroad.

    Korea is an economic energy is in ascendancy, and are playing a progressively more dominant role in global economic matters in future decades.

    Korea is definitely an economic powerhouse plus a center for the creation of new software and gaming technologies (Koreans are among the biggest consumers pc video games).

    There is a major challenge faced when one chooses to review abroad. Korea is a country with language that is exceptionally hard for Westerners to learn.

    Korean is an Altaic language, distantly associated with Turkish, Mongolian and many Central Asian and Siberian languages also. As such, Korean has several grammatical features which might be more familiar to speakers of Western languages. Korean is non-tonal and highly influenced by word order, inflections, verb agreements and context.

    Written Korean uses an alphabetic system called Hangul composed of 14 consonants and 10 vowels. Like Western languages, Korean could be written and focus horizontally from left to right; however, it could also be written vertically in rows running straight and organized to left.

    However, the opportunity to communicate within the language of your respective hosts is considered a courtesy and definately will put you in good stead with your hosts

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