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About Us

LTT Global, a global pioneer in mobile learning has been participating, understanding, tracking, creating awareness through its various initiatives, since 2004, to encourage and support the growth of the mobile eco system. An international award wining company it is recognized for it’s initiatives to leverage on mobile technology to make learning accessible and affordable.

Mobile Learning is an effective and cost efficient solution that compliments and empowers your organization’s human capital development initiatives. Our mobile solutions enrich and empower organizations from human capital development to business enterprise solutions. LTT Global provides a broad range of consultancy services using mobile technology innovations providing holistic, cost effective and efficient solutions to organizations. Among our initiatives to promote awareness about how mobile can enhance lifestyle includes the annual GoMobile and the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning Conference. LTT Global is also the founder of the Asia Pacific Mobile Learning & Edutainment Advisory Panel (APACMLEAP) and the co-founder of the Mobile Industry Group (MOBIG) which is a special interest group.

Mobile Learning includes consumer education, human resource training, academic subjects and lifelong learning. LTT Global actively participates in joint activities together with the public, private sectors and academia to help create awareness and encourage these informal methods of learning, and how it can reach a growing population of people who already possess the mobile device and how we can leverage on this device to promote human capital development.

Key findings from our research indicate that mobile devices can be used successfully to involve some of the hardest to reach and most disadvantaged young adults in learning. As a result, and especially as part of a blended learning strategy, mobile learning has the potential to help these people to improve both their skills and their self-confidence.

Over the years in our endeavors to promote mobile learning, we had set up support groups and also formed partnerships. Our events cater to educate public and industries on how mobile can enhance their lifestyle. Besides our support group we also speak at events locally and globally, provide mentorship, contribute articles, research and development initiatives and do corporate social responsibility projects as part of our contribution back to society. Education has the ability to change lives, and is a dynamic and driving force in anywhere in the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leader in providing holistic, cost effective and efficient solutions to organizations to enrich and empower organizations from human capital development to enterprise solutions.

Our Mission

Our mission is to actively to inspire organizations and the community as a whole to leverage on mobile technology innovations to enhance lifestyle and enriching the society at the same time via engage, share and care concept.

Our Values

  • We aspire to be innovative in finding ways to make learning accessible and affordable.


  • We are ambitious in setting standards to be a leader in mobile solutions to enhance organizational performances.


  • We value our good relationships with our customers, employees and partners.


  • We are proud of our company and honest in our approach in what we do.
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